Date: Wed, 19 Nov 97 17:46:01 +0100

Hi all

I agree with Nick Brooke.

Besides, since the world coucil of friends, the Orlanthi have a sun god. He is Yelm the evil emperor. He is not worshiped because: - - he his a bad god, not as bad as Daga the drought but a bad god nonetheless.
- -since Orlanth did the lightbringer quest and forged the compromise, the sun has to follow his path. The Orlanthi don't need to worship the sun for him to be in the sky. They believe in the Compromise, don't they?

Yelmalio is not the shining orb in the sky, he is the sun dome. He allows to tell the difference between day and night even if the sun is blocked by clouds, fog, snow, rain, mountains and other obstacles.



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