From: Stephen Martin <>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 01:53:41 EST

The Raaterovae
>Aren't sheep usually herded with dogs? Following the tale of Yinkin the
>Shepherd (which is too good not to be true), it seems that would be the
>case among the orlanthing.
>I envision orlanthings to use dogs for two purposes: 1) herding and 2)
>intruder alarm. This makes them ideal companions for orlanthing
>who also perform these two tasks. So, by no far stretch of the
>imagination, Voriof could actually be the orlanthing god of dogs, and
>could be the reason why sheep herders worship Voriof.

If someone asked Greg this question, I think he would say that alynxes fill this roll quite well in Orlanthi society. They're smarter than dogs, and some of them get very large. Who needs dogs?

Stephen Martin

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