Alynxes and things

From: Richard, Jeff <>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 17:13:02 -0800

Michael wrote:
>The dog, OTOH, is an unclean creature, fit only for such lowly tasks as
>chasing rats and herding sheep. Who in his right mind would even think that
>alynxes should be the companions of ringless sheepmen?
>Well, apparently Greg does. Obviously he is wrong.

Good for you - it is your Glorantha after all! My Glorantha does have the alynx working with the Heortlings in a "domesticated" role - as much as an eighty-pound feline can be. But hey, I like your attitude! Somewhere IMG there has to be a tribe with exactly your attitude - maybe on the upper Black Eel near Dogland.

And now for something completely different. Mr. Tines wrote:
>Well, I seem to have totally misjudged the social dynamics
>here. The only fair thing I can do is to stop stirring
>up the SFC, and letting normal programming resume for the
>rest of you, to whom I extend my apologies.

Uh, yeah. . . whatever. OK-dokay.

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