Dogs and Goats

From: Maria or Michael <>
Date: Sat, 22 Nov 1997 03:31:41 +0100

>I have heard Greg state this on a number of occasions -- the Orlanthi do
>not have, or eat, goats, because they are anathema to them.

So? Has Greg stated any *reasons* why orlanthing cultures should have these total taboos against goats and dogs? How does he justify it? AFAIK, Sandy has said on several occasions that orlanthings *do* have goats.

I don't have a problem with orlanthing culture favoring the noble alynx over the unclean dog and the not-so-unclean sheep over the filthy goat, since it creates a useful societal differentiation and provides MGF. I do find it hard to accept that orlanthings would ban dogs and goats for no apparent reason.

What is it that DP orlanthings find so abhorrent about dogs and goats?

Michael Raaterova

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