Re: Refuge

From: Frederic Ferro <>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 1997 15:58:52 +0100 (MET)

Joerg asks why one would want to adapt some ideas from the early 80's Irilian to Glorantha. I didn't say that Irilian would replace completely Sanctuary as a model for Refuge. Some good ideas include IMHO the status of apostate Mostali in the city (they are money-lenders or jewellers because they can not be farmers or fishers). [GW used this topic again in the Power Behind the Throne, an adventure for Warhammer where the Dwarves are blamed for all the problems of Middenheim.]

Santuary was a magic-poor city, without any Brithini but with some very powerful Mages and very present gods.

Tatou #4, Oriflam house magazine, gave (back in the time when it had RQ material) an unofficial version (by Guillaume Fournier) of the Heortian Refuge.

The Council (before the Tarshite honest Governor) was elected randomly but the Brithini manipulated the probabilities to select the Councillors.
I don't know if this form of "moderate tychocracy" would be viable but it's an interesting setting.

In this version, Eurmal created the old city (in a myth which can remind the building of the walls of Troy by Poseidon and Apollo) and one can suppose that the Maze (the heart of Auld Refuge) is a magic place of Disorder and Illusion.


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