Goats are cute, and butt butt, too

From: Pasanen Panu <passo_at_students.cc.tut.fi>
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 17:08:31 +0200 (EET)

> would never see goat headed broos because there aren't any goats
> for the broos to father their children on. The notion that broos may breed
> true to goat headedness doesn't seem all that plausible. (Not that I'm
> suggesting Stephen is advocating this but it is a possible extrapolation).

 Hey, hidden goat genes! I don't remember the scientific word for the  genes that only have effect when inherited from both parents, but  it might work like that. Or goatheads would be born when the rape  was particularly vicious, and meaningful and holy to Thed. Just  like the White Bull-stuff in Prax, but much more common.  

> Again, why? Any animal that walks, flies, crawls or swims could be the
> parent of a broo. (Broo fish? Hmmmmm). You can argue that this is

 Mermaids into every river! Just give a broo a fishing line and a hook!-)

> Illuminated animals? You'd be pretty tired if you had to kill every
> animal associated with broos. Won't say it's never happened but it
> sounds pretty unproductive.

 With Uroxi you never know. They even bother to stomp on chaotic  plants, you know. And perhaps they don't like goats cuz' Ragnaglar  was such a jerk. And he always kept those goats to, er, butt our  butts. Goats need to be taught some manners:) Maybe there is a story  of a goat and a bull, where the goat shames the bull bigtime.  But, even after all that, I don't believe they kill a goat just because  it is there. Unless it butts first.  

 The opinions have been changed to protect the innocent.

 Panu 'Passo' Pasanen.

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