General discussion on broobirth and broobabies

From: Pasanen Panu <>
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 1997 16:14:04 +0200 (EET)

> I think someone already connected broo births with the film Alien.
> This is right on the mark. Broos reproduce by implanting larvae, not
> through normal sperm-egg procreation. Therefore, the "mother" (really
> just a host) provides no genetic code for the child, but is simply used
> for incubation. Any bestial features the subsequent baby broo has are,
> IMO, a result of the particular features of the raping broo combined
> with chaotic effects rather than the genes of the host.

 The broo could very well have sperm. It just would start to form  into a baby-broo, by imitating it's hosts genes and growing up  brooish features. What would a stormbuller sense around a person  who is pregnant to a broo?

 As to those, who think that very large animals are hard to  impregnate: think about Befuddle. Saurus of your dreams just  for you, all the five minutes, then mad escape.

 And for inanimated broos, like rocks. Nick Effingham's page has  a nice write-up of Ragnaglar's cult, that has the Rut spell.  Rut allows a broo to impregnate their favourite stone or stick.  But it was a 2-p rune spell, so I don't see it used very often.

 The opinions have been changed to protect the innocent.

 Panu 'Passo' Pasanen.

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