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From: TTrotsky <>
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:03:11 EST

<< Where did morocanth come from?>>

    The same place that the bison, high llamas, ostriches, etc. came from. Before the Darkness, all the herd animals (according to Praxian mythology, which is the only source we have) were like the Morocanth, able to speak, think, etc.

<< Were they created in that strange form for some reason, or what?>>

    What strange form? They look a lot less silly than an ostrich...  

<< To what extent are they associated with the Darkness Rune? >>

    They are nocturnal (like RW tapirs) and their shamans take advantage of their greater familiarity with the night (relative to humans) to concentrate on getting powers from Darkness spirits - although, of course, they use other spirits too.

<<What other beings are associated with that Rune, apart from Trolls?>>

    Mostly invertebrates, especially giant insects and spiders. Also trolllike  creatures such as nightriders, hoons etc. Also Dwerulans and Voralans, and not forgetting hollri and assorted spirits. Details on many of these beasties will hopefully be appearing in Drastic: Darkness in the second half of '98 (or thereabouts), courtesy of Sandy and I.

<< Is Darktongue the rune/cult language of Darkness, or is it linked to the
unique senses of trolls?>>

     It's the troll language, and used widely by darkness worshipping humans as a second language. However, the Pamaltelan trolls speak the related language of Shadowspeech, so its by no means universal. The Morocanth speak Praxian, although presumably with an accent. Dwerulans and Voralans have their own languages (and I use the word 'language' loosely in the case of the Voralans).  

<< Any of the experts on GRoY/FS etc. found Morocanth references in there?>>

    I'm not an expert, but FWIW I couldn't spot any. I wouldn't expect to, though, since I don't believe the Morocanth have ever lived near the Pelorians. I suppose they might have helped to kick the butts of the Invincible Golden Horde at the end of the Second Age, but that's it.  

 <<What did Morocanth do in the Chaos wars?>>

    Much the same as the other Praxians: wander about getting very hungry until Waha came along and showed them how to survive. The only reason that they're the only creatures of their kind is that Waha rigged the Contest against the four-legs. Otherwise we might have intelligent impalas herding herd-pygmies across the plains, as well...  

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