Thank you Nick

From: Craig Shackleton and Rachel Collishaw <>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 13:36:03 +1300

I would just like to delurk briefly to say a big thank you to Nick Brooke.

    I bought RQ3 about 8 years ago, and was later given a photocopy of GoG. I read and admired everything I found on Glorantha, although there was not much available where I lived. I held off on buying a lot of it, because no one was playing.

    About 2 years ago, a miracle happened. I was invited to play in Eric Hansen's RQ game. It rocked! I reaffirmed my belief that Glorantha was the best rpg setting in print. unfortunately, I also realized how little I really knew.

    In September I moved to New Zealand (from Canada). I left almost all of my rpg stuff behind, including my RQ stuff (I just didn't have the space). I signed onto this list, to try and expand my knowledge and keep up to date until Glorantha the game is released. I've enjoyed many of the discussions and arguments, although with _no_ resources some of it has been hard to follow. Recently though, I started to find reading the Digest depressing. I understood less and less, and found myself thinking that I would never be able to run a GtG campaign, because of my puny amount of knowledge. Particularly depressing were comments regarding Glorantha as a game setting being less important than Glorantha as a fiction setting. And the implication that there were universal truths to Glorantha. I had reached the point of unsubscribing and throwing in the towel.

    Then I read Nick's article, and my faith was restored. It reaffimed my earliest and favourite beliefs about Glorantha. I am rady for several more months worth of completely incomprehesible (to me) arcana! Bring it on!

    I apologize if this is a bit long and personal for a 'good show' submission, but I felt it was deserved.

        Craig Shackleton

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