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From: Klyfix <Klyfix_at_aol.com>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 1997 06:12:25 EST

 Paolo Guccione <p.guccione_at_geco.it> noted...
> The problem is that there is no such thing as "Gloranthan Life". There
> is Orlanthi life (not quite, in fact, rather Sartarite Life and Delelan
> Life), Praxian Life, Lunar Life, Malkioni Life, Kralori Life, not to
> mention the non-Draconic nonhumans (the Draconic ones are just
> impossible to comprehend for humans). Just like the Real World.

     True....but even at that level it seems that there's little real Common Truth for even one culture. Look at how the Sartarites are described, as Scots or Vikings or Greeks or whatever. This probably should be pinned down in the future.

 When you
> play a Praxian game, you do not need to know all points shared by your
> pantheon and the Orlanthi gods, you only need to play Praxian
> characters, with all their "subjectivistic" beliefs and prejudices. This
> makes them more real, that's all. The great thing in Glorantha is that
> you have _hundreds_ of cultures to play in, all detailed and all
> different.
> Just avoid to give your players any details about other cultures. They
> already have plenty of them to mess with ...

     Yes...but the GM should have some idea about the other cultures if their players are ever going to encounter any aspect of them. Or just do as I do and fudge like crazy. :)  

> > I'd like an "Encyclopedia
> > Glorantha" myself.
> Do you own an "Earth Encyclopedia"? I mean, one that really gives you
> the feeling of being part of every single RW culture, not just visiting
> their countries. One that gives you a positive synthesis of every single
> culture and belief on Earth? I do not.

      But I do have an old (1994) Grolier CD ROM encyclopedia that can give me some idea about a whole slew of cultures past and present. I'm not wanting a Super Duper thing that has Everything Ever Known in Glorantha so that I'd know more than Lhankhor Mhy himself; just a good overview as I've already noted; what is Universal Knowledge, what is known or believed by many but not all cultures, and so on. I think I've gone into that at least twice already, so I'll avoid excessively repeating myself.

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