Black Fang etc

From: David Cake <>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 1997 16:41:58 +0800

>1) Just who are the Black Fang & what do they do? (My take was that they
>are the 'unofficial' law enforcement arm of the Pavis cult).

        I definately see the Black Fang as connected, if not directly to the Pavis cult, certainly to the old Pavic families. They secretly control many Pavic businesses. Some of them have become involved with other criminal organisations, particularly the Krarsht cult, but I think many others do not, and have no desire to (the old-fashioned faction). Their association with Pavis is IMO a strong correlation, not a direct connection - - both Pavis and Black Fang are primarily made up of the old Pavic families, so there is a fair overlap. The Black Fang see nothing incompatible in this - they can still care for and be loyal to their city while they extract a living from its citizenry. Indeed, like some other organised crime groups they are probably up for some charity now and then.

        The Mafia and Yakuza are an excellent source of ideas. Like both those, they find their fingers in many places, number many 'respectable' businessmen (in my game the Indagos family, for example) among them, and can be brutal and ruthless. Yet have some good feelings towards their own people, and are likely to get involved in politics.

>2) Who or what is Gim Gim?

I see him as a human Krarsht worshipper used by the Lunars. His Moon Masks are an unofficial secret police - really little more than thugs on the Lunar payroll. The Lunars administration is at least official ignorant of his role in the Krarsht cult, but asks few questions about his methods as long as he produces results. Officially, he is probably merely an advisor to the Governor.

        IMG the tension between Gim Gim and the Orlanthi Rebellion is gradually pushing the Black Fang into a situation where they need to choose sides, or break. Probably, they will break, Black Fang erupting into a vicious civil war, with one of my players (a Lanbril connected hazia runner, master thief, and local businessman) right in the middle.

>Bonus points to anyone who can cite the source of Black Fang's ring, BTW.
>Hint: it ain't listed in the MIG (Meints Index to Glorantha).

        I was about to say, I've never heard of his ring before.



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