Re: Digest still alive shock!

Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 13:05:04 -0800

>> What has happened? We used to see NPCs, magic items, plot hooks,
>>scenarios, strange creatures, and other fun game-useful stuff on the
>>Digest. Over the years there's been less and less of that.
> But the reasons why are not totally bad. One reason that a lot more
>of the digest consists of chatter rather than game stuff is that there is a
>lot more of the digest. Should we tell people not to engage in chatter if
>they don't game ready stuff to contribute? Of course not. But one idea
>would be to revive the separate daily/ digest concept of Henk - where the
>digests come a lot less frequently, but are stuffed full of gameable stuff
>rather than discussion.

Very, very true. The original Bellian digest might come out every month or few months. It had good gameable content, but overall probably less than appears in this Daily over the same period of time.

I'd be happy to set up a glorantha-game (or something) list distributing out of, but it'd require an editor to either (a) dig through digest posts for the ready-to-game-bits, and sometimes edit them a bit more -or- (b) beg for ready-to-game-bits as necessary. Just digging through all the old dailys since the old digest you could come up with years of content, even organizing it by subject, but it'd take time. If anyone would love to do this, or alternatively thinks it's a terrible idea, feel free to drop me a line.


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