Re: Viriato and Alcohol

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 1997 20:32:51 -0500

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Jeff Richard writes:

Howdy from England!

Please excuse any strangeness in this post, since Nick is typing for me, given the fact that we are both paralytic.


Sergio writes.

> The Lusitans fought the Romans very successfuly. Their leader
> was called Viriato. He was never defeated in battle. To finish
> Lusitan resistance the Romans used their optional tactic:
> treason. Viriato was killed by some of his own tribesmen.

Interestingly, this seems to be an almost precise parallel to a famous "Orlanthi" general -- Fazzur Wideread. If we recall, Fazzur was the undefeated Tarshite commander, who was never defeated in battle, and was killed by the Lunars. (If Jeff recalls. He is, as we admit, very drunk. But it's kinda fun).

Although Fazzur fought for the Lunars (until he was betrayed by the Lunars), your local hero Viriato should be a competent source of ideas for Wideread's career. Although, granted, Viriato doesn't seem to be a Dark Age figure -- so perhaps he is inappropriate for your Glorantha. :-) (a joke).

Seriously, it sounds like Iberian history is filled to the brim with excellent ideas that should be looted and used in Glorantha. Please tell us more!

(We are still drunk and happy).

Nick & Jeff

PS: Best wishes to the entire Seattle gang. (He says). London is a truly civilized city (his spelling) and I have seen the true face of Glamour. All Hail the Reaching Moon! (That was Jeff, that was. Me, I'm happy anyway. But believe Jeff anyways. Please. NB.)

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