Re: Troll Dentists

From: Joerg Baumgartner <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 98 20:36 MET

JamUZ Frusetta
>On a different note: I'd been flipping through old PC sheets the other day
>when I ran across a troll that had broken a tusk. Now, trolls replace
>their molars every few years, but TP doesn't say this for the other teeth.
>But not the canines and tusks -- so how does a poor troll fix those
>problems? Considering how much trolls eat, and the chances of getting a
>nasty parry to your mouth when you make a foolish bite attack, it's a fair

I guess that trolls solve this problem by plombing, in the French sense of the word: IMO a lead repair would be perfectly in order for a troll. The canines are used on soft food only, anyway (such as life meat - why snap at vegetables other than bipedal ones?), any other food would be treated like humans treat sugarcanes - put them between the molars and break off whatever doesn't fit into the mouth at once...

>Does healing work on teeth (or hair and fingernails, for that matter)?

I guess you'd need a specialist spirit cult. A troll tooth fairy?

>Or repair?

Repair shouldn't work on teeth, otherwise bone fractures could be cured that way as well. (And Repair leaves a weakness anyway - after a couple of repairs the tooth won't hold if you bite into soft cake...)

>Both seem unsuitable considering the nature of the substances, at
>least to me.

Neither should "Regrow Limb" be required, nasty rumours in Tales nonwithstanding.

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