Bad knees, strange kids, all living in peace

From: Hugh McVicker <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 1998 15:38:42 +1100

I've always thought that there was plenty of non-magically cureable health problems in my Glorantha. In fact they are so common that they aren't seen as strange enough to be mentioned in any "official" description of a place. I immagine if there was a place where all the people looked in perfect health that would be worthy of note rather than the other way around.

I've always thought that heal only worked as well as a naturaly healed wound. This means that just as when RW broken limbs are healed, while functional, they may not be perfectly straight or there may be long term problems with aches and pains, "Old Wend Death'sFriend can't sit still for long because her knee siezes up since that Ogre choped off her leg". All MGF in my opinion.

Carl Fink Wrote:
> I also think that the real-world old wive's tale of "event"
> inheritance would work in Glorantha. For instance, if a pregnant
> woman is scared by a rat, her child might look vaguely rat-like.

I hadn't thought of this but I like the idea very much. Do you think that a child concieved and carried to term while the clan was at war would be a greater warrior (or at least more war-like) than a peace time child? Could this lead to a sort of feed-back polarising peoples into roles?

Camo Wrote:
> And there's that
> isolated island (I forget the name offhand) where Trolls, Mostali, and
> Aldryami all live as one big happy family.

Where about's is this? It stirs some dim spark of recolection in the pudding bowl on my sholders but I fail to place it.


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