Spiders, snakes, and dwarven babies...

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Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 23:56:31 -0800 (PST)

> Panu:
> <<No, I don't know how spiders make love. Must be fascinating,
> Indeed. For a start, the spider is the only animal I can think of
with two
> penises on its head.

And as many people will no doubt tell you, the female often devours the male after or even _during_ the mating.

First, I still think of the Pavic dwarves as Closehandists (many many thanks to P. Metcalfe for the name): ie, they think that to repair the World Machine properly, dwarves must reach perfection also in the line of work that produces new dwarf work units (to humans known as 'sex'). They go about that work with the same sort of thoughts of Duty and Perfection and Mastery as dwarves go about any other work - but of course without any kind of Love or Passion or Joy (horrible, irrational things). They steadily train at it just as they train other skills, at the beginning under the stern eyes of Gold sexologists (think of the Monthy Python sketch where John Cleese is the teacher who brings his wife to the classroom and endeavors to teach the facts of life and foreplay the same way he teaches grammar and math), then on their own.

Second, I think Flintnail just used dwarven magic (with the help of Tin and Quicksilver associates, of course) to extract the birth-force (or ovo, for a more scientific Glorantha) from Pavis daughter, and then used it together with his own male force (note: I don't think of dwarves as machines, but as organic beings who try to BE machines, and quite often fail) to create a proto-dwarf/human module, no doubt for the nefarious purpose of stealing human fertility powers to increase the production of Rock Dwarf units ('bwahaha! its alive I tell you, ALIVE!'). Of course the Closhandist heresy is viewed as such by all right-thinking dwarves, and no doubt many dwarves go apostate as a result (beginning to feel human-like emotions, not necessarily pleasant), but their policy increases the production of dwarf-prototypes enough to compensate for this - or at least they say so. If the Vegetarians can remain non-apostate, so can the Closehandists.

I have no idea what Isildan thinks of all this, but as an Individualist/Openhandist he might appreciate the idea of using weird apostates to advance the cause of the World Machine, just as he uses the mortal fools around him. Especially since he has found out about humor (though no doubt this is humor, but not as we know it)

Read Enclosure for more fiendish dwarven plans, in 'The Eye of Wakboth', if Michael Raateroova hasn't changed his marvelous ideas...

Serpent analogues in Carmania:
Loren, I come from a VERY cold and usually snowy country (Sweden), and my ancestors on both sides also come from a VERY cold and usually snowy country (Finland), and the mythologies of both these countries are filled with serpents, snakes and adders, from the adder mother who has to hang from a tree while her young are born, so that they won't killer her with their venom, to the venom-spouting lindorm from the Viking stories. The serpent of Persia may well stay a serpent in Carmania.

Otherwise, your ideas were marvelous!
'The Owl and the Pussycat went to sea,
In a beautiful, pea-green boat...'
>From 'The Owl and the Pussycat' by Edward Lear
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