Carmanian Monsters

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Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 23:12:40 +1300 (NZDT)

Loren Miller:

Searching for Carmanian monsters comments:

>The reason for
>this is that Assyrian monsters just won't do. The mesopotamian
>civilizations combined [...] Eagles, Hawks [...] Lions, to create
>their monsters. This is where Griffins came from. [But in carmania]
>eagles and hawks are rare and smaller.

But the Char-un to the north have bred a carnivorous stallion and a winged mare. So Griffins seem perfectly acceptable for Carmania.

>Scorpionmen become mosquito men. They may or may not fly. But they have
>human bodies and mosquito heads, they swarm, and they suck blood.

>Pazuzu had the head of a dog, four eagle wings, and the body of a man, and
>was the lord of flies and thus of disease. Our similar demon would have a
>wolf's head, four owl wings, a man body, and would be the lord of those
>damned biting flies that swarm in the summer. He'd also be a bloodsucker.
>Maybe his penis would be tipped with a huge mosquito proboscis instead of
>the snake of the original.

The carmanian mythic equivalent of Pazuzu would be Kazkurtum/GanEstoro who looks like a man-cockroach AFAIK. As roaches breed rapidly, soil things and have a nasty smell (not to mention the folk belief about being agents of disease), they might be a better choice for a repulsive carmanian insect.

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