Re: Carmanian Monsters

From: Loren Miller <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:57:06 -0500


> <<Leopard -> Wolf
> Dog -> Wolf>>
> Hmm, needs more variety. I think the leopard should be replaced by some
> kind of cat. Puma-cougar-mountain lions are an obvious choice, but they live
> in America, and Loren was after European beasts. The lynx seems perfect to me
> - - they used to live throughout Europe and Siberia and are just as happy in
> cold coniferous forests as in the dry scrub of Portugal and Spain.

Well, I was not intentionally going after specifically European beasts, despite preferring stuff that would make sense if plopped down in the middle of Poland or Lithuania, but let's play anyway:)

Leopard --> Alynx
Dog --> Wolf

Works for me.

> I think its also worth noting that, according to the Glorantha Bestiary,
> sabre-tooth tigers, alynxes and rubble runners are all known in Carmania.

Point taken, and applied. See above.

We also have sabretooths, rubble runners, cave lions, cave bears, and woolly rhinos. That sounds good.

Perhaps I could substitute the rubble runner for the crocodile. Makes for a weird looking dragon though, and can rubble runners cry crocodile tears?

As to lions, the carmanian lion that results would be quite huge, being partly descended from cave lions and sabertooths. Could be an inspiration to basmoli everywhere!

> <<Owlbear, with or without wings>>
> 'With', or it'll look like the DnD monster :-(. You could, however,
> make a wingless owllynx, which would look more distinctive.

Ooooh. I like that one. However, I wouldn't reject the owlbear just because of The OTHER Game (TOG), since I'm in favor of translating TOG monsters and using them right, whenever possible. Why? Because it's FUN! Know why else? Because Carmanian sorcerors love to breed new, experimental abominations out of captured animals and summoned nasties from subere's pit.

Believe it or not, I use the slaad, githyanki, githzerai, aaracockra and all sorts of other DNDisms freely as the basis for RQ horrors.

David Cake <>

> >Pikemen, swim out of the lake, covered with pike scales, with sharp teeth
> >and big mouths like a huge pike, are cannibals, and love to eat the
> >mosquitomen
> Which could well be one of the species of Pelandan Blue Men,
> perhaps the DediVakuRu, the watery blue men, who live underwater. They
> worship their hideous cannibal god Yargan.

That sounds good. I almost hesitate to admit I don't yet have FS. Would another one of the races of blue men fit the mosquito men?

Mosquito Men (need another name)
Small and semi-intelligent humanoids, of about midget size, with transclucent blue-black skin and needle-like proboscis. They breed like... err... like mosquitos in the spring and summer and swarm out of the the Fen of Castle Blue like a plague. They subsist on blood, which they drink at the rate of 1hp per melee round. Each 2hp of blood ingested gives them 1 fatigue point, and for each 5 extra fatigue they gain 1 SIZ and 1 STR. When they reach double their original size they are sated and they retreat to their ponds to breed.

Erik Sieurin <>

> Serpent analogues in Carmania:
> Loren, I come from a VERY cold and usually snowy country (Sweden), and
> my ancestors on both sides also come from a VERY cold and usually
> snowy country (Finland), and the mythologies of both these countries
> are filled with serpents, snakes and adders, from the adder mother who
> has to hang from a tree while her young are born, so that they won't
> killer her with their venom, to the venom-spouting lindorm from the
> Viking stories. The serpent of Persia may well stay a serpent in
> Carmania.

I'm convinced. Snakes stay. (Peter Metcalfe)

> But the Char-un to the north have bred a carnivorous stallion and a winged
> mare. So Griffins seem perfectly acceptable for Carmania.

I'm willing to accept Griffins as they are. But I want more more more more MORE MORE BWAHAHHHHAAAAAAAAAA! Ahem, I want more color.

> The carmanian mythic equivalent of Pazuzu would be Kazkurtum/GanEstoro
> who looks like a man-cockroach AFAIK. As roaches breed rapidly, soil
> things and have a nasty smell (not to mention the folk belief about
> being agents of disease), they might be a better choice for a repulsive
> carmanian insect.

I don't think Pazuzu was as major a figure to the Mesoptomanians as GanEstoro was to the Carmanians. Sure, a Pazuzu-analog would be a rebel god or a dark god or something, but not the major nasty, the lord of darkness, old chatterbreath whose name should not be spoke.

That quibbling aside, I agree that cockroaches are repulsive insects, and as they can live anywhere we humans can I'm sure the Carmanians have them aplenty. Perhaps there is a Grigor Samsa monster that covertly possesses people, and then one day overtly possesses them, turning them into cockroaches (either one huge cockroach, or a coherent colony with a group intelligence)?


OK, here's the new conversion table.

Eagle    ->   Owl
Hawk     ->   Falcon
Vulture  ->   Fox
Scorpion ->   Mosquito (damn big and scary)
Serpent  ->   Serpent (Adder)
Ape      ->   Bear
Lion     ->   Cave Lion / Sabertooth
Bull     ->   Aurochs or Wisent Bull
Fly      ->   Biting Fly
Leopard  ->   Alynx
Dog      ->   Wolf
Camel    ->   Elk
Sturgeon ->   Pike
Whale    ->   Giant Pike
Crocodile->   Rubble Runner (?)

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