Re: Elder Races v humans

Date: Tue, 20 Jan 1998 16:08:53 EST

Sergio asks why the following can't exist on Glorantha:

<<- - Dwarves living underground with human settlements on the surface. The
human would protect the dwarves from other Elder races' marauders.>>

     This does, in fact, happen in Slon. Not perhaps an ideal adventuring setting (although its difficult to say, since AFAIK nobody's written much about it) but it is an example of Mostali/human cooperation of the sort you were looking for.

<<- - Elf forests with human settlements around. Same pattern then above.>>

     This is precisely what happens in Elamle, and to a lesser extent in Laskal. This region has always struck me as a fascinating setting for a campaign, and one I fully intend to explore at some point.

<<- - Trolls living with humans. Humans have day light activity and trolls
night activity. Bether protection for both, different resources being explored.>>

      While there are no large regions of land where this is the case (the closest being the trollkin/human Kingdom of Ignorance, which hardly has equal rights for the trollkin as I understand it), there are a couple of possibilities. Firstly, I gather this is how the Kitori of northern Heortland live. Secondly, a campaign set in pre-Pharonic Kethaela would allow some degree of integration of humans and trolls IMO.

     On a similar note, the Torkani, detailed on my web site (plug, plug), have many trade dealings with the trolls, and worship some of their gods, but don't actually live alongside trolls to any great extent. A Torkani based campaign would allow human PCs to interact in a non-violent way with trolls, and depending on its focus and style, might even allow troll PCs in the same party as humans - which would be unusual enough to be remarked on, but not all beyond the bounds of reason for Torkani/Dagori Inkarth society.

     If you count Waertagi as humans, they deal in a positive way with at least some of the races of mermen - although admittedly mermen PCs are a bit of a stretch! If you don't count Waertagi as humans, then there are a number of coastal cities where Waertagi live alongside 'true' humans, which is even better.

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