Martin Speaks of Ducks

From: Pam Carlson <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 23:26:47 -0800

Martin writes:
> And no, please don't, all you duck fans, try to convince me of their
> wonderous qualities cos I hate em with unreserved rancorous bitterness,
> unending spite, malevolent venom and fulsome loathing. =
> The only duck to appear in my campaigns is on a plate with an orange
> ed up its arse.

Yay, Martin!

How about another timely installment of your wonderful epic "Sheng Seleris - - Patriot and Hero"? Perhaps it could be "Sheng Sacrifices the 10,000 Flat Faced Demons"? (Subtitle: "Why There are No Ducks in Peloria")


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