Truth by Divination

From: Michael Cule <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 19:47:06 GMT

Perhaps the trick to getting new knowledge from Divination is to ask the god a question that hasn't been asked before.

If you ask 'what is the nature of Ginna Jar' or 'is Ginna Jar the same as Glorantha (or Arachne Solara)' you'll get the same ambiguous answers that generations of seekers have got.

But if you ask something new the god may say something that has never been heard before. And say when you ask why he didn't say this before: "Nobody *asked*!"

Remember the parable in Ursula Le Guin's LEFT OF DARKNESS about the folly of knowing the right answer to the wrong question.

(And if you don't remember it then go and read it.)

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