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From: David Dunham <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 00:05:59 -0800

I'm back from Glorantha-Con VI (aka GC Down Under), and slowly catching up. It was certainly a fun, and educational, con. Anyone who took photos, mine didn't come out, so I'd love to have yours to post to my web site (unless you post them to your own).

Some quick comments (more later I'm sure):

Vesa Lehtinen wrote about the "average jenkki." Actually, the average American is Androgeous. Think about it... (And wouldn't know how to pronounce the word you wrote.)

As for the Cradles scenario, I think it's one of the best I've played in; it certainly had a very epic feel, with us overwhelmed (at least one DIed out rather than stay and be killed) PCs in the middle of an obviously very momentous event.

I quote Peter Metcalfe out of context: "Learn to recognize sarcasm." Do remember that a significant number of our participants here don't speak English as a first language. My guess is that subtle language use will be lost on many of them (no slight on your language abilities, non-native-speakers, they always seem to me much higher than you seem to think they are).

Chris Ward hoped

> Just a thought on the new game, I understand that it cannot be RQ but
> I think it is important that it can be converatible.

Perhaps, though I know few who were happy with the RQ2-RQ3 conversion, and I had problems converting between various versions of RQ4. Certainly when you convert to a more dissimilar system such as Pendragon the problems get worse (how do you deal with the parry-only Healer in a system that doesn't separate attack and parry skill?). I say, if it's easy to approximately convert, great, but they shouldn't spend much effort on something that is bound by its very nature to be a failure.

Mikko wrote

> On earth almost all the cultures of old had the consept of the golden age

The Doraddi culture of Pamaltela thinks just the opposite.

Michael Cule wondered about an Ulerian initiation. How about falling in love?

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