Duck mate, its the lions

From: Clark, Daren <>
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 1998 10:17:23 GMT

Harald suggests:

>> Maybe [a Duck Pirate] even escapes to seek sanctuary with the PC's
>> and promises big treasures (hidden of course in the North Bog) if they
>> aid him. Since the ducks can swim well, they can obviously scour the
>> river bottom for dropped treasures...

And Nick responds:
>"Yeah! That's right! Just you strike off these chains now, and I'll swim
>down to the bottom of the river, and fetch up the Lost Treasure of Cap'n
>Pinfeather! Don't worry if you don't see me surfacing for several minutes=
>us Ducks can swim *really* well..."
>(Thinks, as the chains come off: "So long, suckers!")

Why be so cruel as to take the chains off? They will make it so much easier for the little guy to get to the bottom and to stay there why he searches;

"You won't forget to pull on the rope when you find something now will you ducky?"

The discussion of lions and Basmoli in Prax and the Wastes recently has reminded me of a question I had. Do the Basmoli exhibit the same habit as is seen in RW lions whereby a male taking over a pride will often kill all of the young in that pride.

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