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Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 04:08:02 EST

 << For a while now I've been wondering about Dinosaurs in Glorantha.    There aren't any listed in RQII besides the Bolo Lizard( which isn't exactly a dino,as they're described as "dinosaur-like"; though stat-wise very simular to the Deinonychus ).

   In RQ3 Creature Book we have the Allosaurus(something of a Trex-light), Behemoth (is it even a dinosaur?I thought it was a gigantic mammal), Brontosaur,and the Plesiosaur.>>

      There are no behemoths in Glorantha (Introduction to Glorantha Book p30). It may or may not be a mammal, although I'd assumed it was from the description.

<< In DrasticPrax there is the Deinonychus (verymuch like the now wellknown


      The two animals are closely related. Velociraptor is slightly smaller, but otherwise they are more or less the same. (NB: The 'Velociraptors' in Jurassic Park are much larger than the real beast ever was. After the film was made, however, a creature looking almost exactly like the JP 'raptors was discovered. It was named Utahraptor.)

    <<With the slim pickins as far as Dinos are concerned,it makes me wonder why
two of the most-often-seen-in-PopCulture Dinos;the Tyrannosaurus rex and the Triceratops are apparently nowhere to be found.Seems like quite a gaff to me...>>

     Both are known to exist in Pamaltela (ES Secrets Book p18), but no RQ3 stats have been published AFAIK.

   <<And there's info on the back of the ES box which,I think,alludes to Dino information being contained within.>>

      Correctly so (see above), although there certainly isn't a *lot* of information. I don't own the Gateway Bestiary, which I'm sure had RQ2 stats for trikes, T rexes and other dinos, so I just make up the stats as needed. If all else fails I'll be happy to mail you some of my own versions - which are based on at least some knowledge of the critters concerned. I have enough info. to write up somewhere in the region of 100 different dino species (although a lot of them would look pretty similar!) but I wouldn't count on receving them all tomorrow if I was you ;-)

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