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From: Kevin Rose <>
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 22:44:02 -0600 (CST)

My first question would be "What material do you have access to?" In particular, do you have a copy of Borderlands? Mostly because a lot of details about the area you are talking about are published there.

Anyway, trying to make a band of PCs who are from different praxian tribes is not a bad idea, but one that is fairly hard, from a cultural point of view. The easiest way is to have them already seperated from their clan for some off-screen reason (as in we see you again we will hurt/kill you) and have the group more or less forced to work together.

Otherwise I would expect that a group of role-players would be planing on doing in their clan/tribal enemies. An everyone not part of their tribe is an enemy, though not to the same level. A Bison clansman would probably consider a sable rider to be a more hated enemy than an impala rider (unless he had a grudge against that particular clan or person) but killing or enslaving them both would be a good thing.

I cannot imagine a situation, that a bunch of starting PCs could handle (and my starting PCs were at about 75% skills, except for ride at 90% plus), that would result in a couple of tribes working together. They wouldn't work together to stop the lunars from invading, so why would they join up to deal with some minor problem? Don't let it stop you, but it's something to think about.

Who is where

As I remember the situation (assuming you are running this in 1610-1625) the sable riders controlled most of Prax itself, with the Bison and Impala exiled to the vultures country and wastes. There are some high llama, agimori and morocanth clans present, but mostly lots of sables. The sable riders have the support of the Lunars and take advantage of this to show any impala or bison people they can catch the error of their ways.

Bilos Gap is a favorite place for the Morocanth, but it is not a permanent settlement. Amimori might be found in the caves of Weis cut, but it is also not a permanent settlement.


I have always assumed that basically every male is a waha initiate and every woman is an eritha initiate. These deities are what defines the culture. You might be a member of another cult also, but renouncing Waha would be like a troll renouncing Kygor Littor. So they might be a lot of storm bull worshipers in a clan, but they are all Waha worshipers also. This is they way I've done it, it is contradicted by other material, which is contradicted by other material, etc.

The nomads don't use temples (as in buldings) they just pull the ritual objects out of their saddlebags and set them up when appropriate. A clan consists of a pretty good number of people and can usually produce a small temple. They might use the Chalana Arroy temple at horn gate from time to time (as long as the clan that controls the oasis allows them in) but they are generally self-contained.

The rhino people are sort of screwed by this, but life is hard when you are on the road to extinction.

People and such

There is always my version of the Borderlands campaign, which featured House Rone, exiled from Carmania for exterminating another house in a dart war. (I wanted humakti and sorcerers, and this seemed the best idea.)

Sandy once mentioned that the housing at Horn gate actually consisted of a giant God-Time building. I had it as a white cube 100 meters on a side, with 20+ meters sticking out of the ground. It was made of some sort of hard white material that could not be marked, broken or scratched. The inside was a black maze, as it had many levels, various sized rooms, uncollected garbage, lots of staircases and no windows. It did, however, have the best sun-bathing in Prax on the roof.

Hope it helps

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