RE: the Kralori Red Emperor & other maunderings

From: Sandy Petersen <>
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 1998 09:40:01 -0600

re: The Kralori Red Emperor
As I was brooding on the implications of the "captive" Kralorelan Red Emperor, it struck me that of course the Kralori, as center of the universe, are likely to have courts from all over the world residing with Godunya & his mandarins, where they can benefit from their immortal wisdom. Therefore, I suggest that the Kralori Forbidden City include subject courts for not only the Red Emperor, but also the Golden Emperor (ruler of the East Isles & Vormain), the Artmali Emperor, a King of Pent, an ice demon, and a Western Emperor. No doubt these slave-emperors periodically issue proclamations and orders to their subjects, none of whom ever hear a word about it.

Jane Williams
>Thanks for the stats, Sandy: this is the time I've seen any of the
"main" NPCs written out in RQ terms. Lots of high numbers >there: it looked to me to have gone beyond the point at which RQ is normally regarded as "broken". Has she actually been >played with those numbers?

        She works fine as a PC-killing machine at that level.

>Kallyr killed her. Somehow. Therefore, Kallyr's stats must be equally

        Unless Gunda co-operated in her own death. Note that despite Gunda's fearsome nature, she's far from unkillable. She'd have little chance vs. the Crimson Bat, for instance. With luck and help, she can be killed by a warrior inferior to herself -- Kallyr was probably not a (4) Cf in Dragon Pass terms.

>aren't most of those stats and skills impossible to reach under normal
RQ rules? I know she's only half-human, but POW
>78, CON 45???

        She got them heroquesting. When she started, her CON & POW were not outside human range.

Dario Corallo
>What is, in your opinion, the aspect of the race of the Gold Wheel

	They are shapeshifters taking at least three known forms: 
	1) slim golden humanoids. In this form they are known to have
wed humans (and had children!). 
	2) golden hula hoops that eternally roll, ringing as they do. 
	3) a coin-shaped form. They turn into the coins when they are
dead, or sometimes only hibernating.

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