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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_voyager.co.nz>
Date: Fri, 6 Feb 1998 18:57:48 +1300 (NZDT)

David Cake:

Me>>Since when did I (or anybody) say Freudian psychology accurately
>>represents how the average gloranthan thinks?

> You said it 'existed' when useful. Which is somewhat ambiguous as
>to how general its application was intended to be when it does exist.

'It' being RW Science. I do not consider Freud to be science so this statement cannot be construed as support for Gloranthan Freudology.

>As a sane, rational, and well-informed person, of course you understand
>that Freud is bollocks :-)

I admit to be well-informed but must dispute violently the slurs of 'sane' and 'rational'.

But onto Illumination. Bear in mind that I haven't seen the relevations of Greg as writ in Questlines II yet.

> The question is not if the God Learners knew of it, or used it
>widely. They almost certainly knew of it (they plundered the inner secrets
>of the Arkat cult), and they certainly did not widely disseminate it. And
>certainly I agree that the two are more or less unrelated.

They plundered _some_ of the secrets of the Arkati cult.

> I disagree - I think Illumination allows you to CHOOSE to see the
>world with the RuneQuest Sight, and to see that its not the whole story.
>Illumination is inward focused, the RuneQuest Sight is outward focussed.

I use to believe in choice but I don't now think so. I think the act of becoming Illuminated warps the persons worldview into transcendantal awareness. Since this is antithetical to the God Learner PoV, the illuminate's capacity for God Learning is disrupted.

One could reconcile God Learning and Illumination (and I think a lunar materialist could become illuminated and suffer no harm) but it would require especial wisdom to do so.

> Aside: I think Kethaela, in the late God Learner period, was one of
>the greatest hotbeds of weird philosophies ever seen in Glorantha. We have
>EWF magics, God Learning, Zistorism, Illumination plus all the variant
>theist beliefs, including Storm and Troll pantheons, and various GLised
>theist cults as well.

There were no illuminates during 2nd age Kethaela AFAIK. (No as in the sense of the Orlanthi 'all'. There were undoubtedly some from Ralios and/or Peloria but their impact is insignificant IMO).

Frederic Ferro:

>Another name is strange : Barbarian Town.
>Why would the Orlanthi or the Pol-Joni found a city with such a name?

I think it's the Orlanthi referring to the Poljoni as barbarians.

Simon Hibbs:

Me>> .............Naturally the various
>>wounds and transformations they take can cause the Questers
>>outlook to change such that he registers on his cult's sense
>>Gbaji spells. Thereupon he is condemned as a traitor and a Gbaji
>>worshipper. If he survives his ex-cults attempts to hunt him
>>down, he will have to look for a new Arkati cult that would
>>take him in (ie one that does not perceive him as Gbaji).

>Or found their own Arkati splinter sect, believing that their former
>sect has obviously strayed from the true path, or that she has
>discovered deeper truths than those before. Of course - this is how all
>Arkati sects start out!

True. But IMO there's really a limit of six traditions that could be followed given the known history of Arkat (ie Knight, Humakti, Troll, Krjalk, Emperor and Deceiver) which the Arkati are unconciously emulating. So if someone founds a new cult, it will be similar to and compatible with an extant Arkati Cult.


> I don't know about the Moons, but it is worth noting IMO that the planet
>Lokarnos has a 28-week period, so a Kralori month is a quarter of that. How
>relevant this is is a moot point, since Lokarnos first rose in -210 ST
>(according to GRoY) and I would assume that the Kralori calendar dates back a
>lot further than that. OTOH, he is the 'timekeeper', which could well suggest
>his period was the same pre-Darkness as it is in present times.

Unfortunately things are not so simple. Lokarnos originally had a period of a week in the first age. An explanation of how he got to his present period is given in Drastic: Prax but that omits the most crucial reason: Greg mistakenly thought that Lokarnos had a period of a week when he wrote the GRoY. Secondly a Kralori month is 7 weeks long (or 49 days) and there are six months in the year.

So the month could arise from a time period of seven lokarnos periods.

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