RE: Glass in Glorantha

From: Maria or Michael <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 1998 22:07:11 +0100

Richard Develyn queried about glass.

>From his earlier postings i assume that his campaign is set in Prax, so the
following idea might be interesting.

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the Wastes there is a place where the ground *is* glass and the area is filled with glass and crystal shards and boulders of all sorts of colour. It is either the remains of Genert's Crystal Palace or a terrifying side-effect of a particular battle against Wakboth.

I suppose the location is known but (quite) hard to reach. This means that there could be a steady trickle of glass into Pavis. If the location wasn't hard to reach, we would have to explain why Pavis isn't flooded with glass. Also, some of the braver nomads quest there to obtain glass spearheads.

Michael Raaterova

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