Re: Thieves Arm

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 03:57:09 -0500

Joerg writes:

> There is also a Dragon Pass unit called "Thieves Arm", but AFAIK this =

> was made up from highway-robbers turned rebels.

=46rom Pelorian thieves, it appears, per WB&RM:

: The rest of the Free Army collected gradually. It was made up of exiles=

: and fugitives from the Lunar Empire, like the Thieves Arm and the Freem= en

Joerg also writes:

> To the Lunars, the fact that Krarsht is associated with chaos is nothin=
> to worry about...

Which is libellous. The Lunars aren't stupid. Krarsht's association with chaos is not, IN ITSELF, a ggood reason to feel irrational hatred, fear and prejudice against that cult -- but coupled with the kind of things Krarshti get up to, it's a damn good reason for taking whatever measures are necessary to keep them from getting out of hand. The Lunars *know* chaos -- sometimes that's all the more reason to be Very Very Careful when dealing with it.

> Somehow the idea of Yelmic patriarchs engaging in Dart Competitions
> doesn't feel right, but feel free to convince me otherwise...

It only takes one to start a Dart Competition. A Yelmic patriarch who doesn't take precautions against assassination, sorcerous debilitation, sneaky subversion, etc. etc. will end up in the Halls of Supernal Light, readily able to explain to Yelm in person that he didn't engage in Dart Competitions...


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