Lanbrilis' World

From: Frederic Ferro <>
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 1998 18:30:57 +0100 (MET)

Thanks to everyone for all this informations about Lanbril (Peter Metcalfe & Nick Brooke) and the Kethaelan underworld (Joerg Baumgartner).

I still wonder why Lanbril has the Mastery Rune...

I wish I had this when I started my Refuge Campaign (which now has a Web page in French on

Maybe I could say the PCs didn't hear of the Lanbrilis earlier because of the secrecy of this cult (and because of a "Memory Removal" Amnesia Rune Spell)... A shaman could discover their Spirits have been altered by the Forget Spell... That would cause a Remembrance Quest ("In Search of Lost Time"), to find the identity of this Faceless Man who appears in their dreams (no, that's not Nyarlatothep...). Yes, I see a story...

There could be a kind of "division of work" between the various crime-rings. Grosso modo, IMC :

- - Lanbrilis are invisible pick-pockets and burglars. 
- - Krarshtis are mysterious assassins (and toxin-mongers). 
- - Jubal's Blue Hawks are conspicuous racketeers and drug-smugglers. 
Jubal the Man-and-a-Half controls many "Beggars" in the Maze (a "Cour des Miracles" like in Hugo's Notre Dame de Paris). The Blue Hawk Totem is reminiscent of the Praxian Raven Spirit. - - Eurmalis are incoherent and unorganized.

The Orlanthi Thieves (Black Sandals) were infiltrated by rival Lips and Doomed Ones and they do not exist as an organized clandestine sub-cult anymore.

Joerg proposed :
>Over time, the PCs {...} might get to explore the Foulblood Forest...
The PCs I know are too honest to become Krarshti. And especially too timid to enter the Forest of the First Reward. :)

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