Re: What's in a god?

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Tue, 10 Mar 1998 14:53:57 GMT

danny bourne has a twinge from The Old Wound:
> Humakt only has no free will if you believe in a subjectivist point
> of view of the gods of Glorantha.

No, that ain't so, and let's not go through all that again! Humakt has no free will if you believe in the _Compromise_. Not that everyone in Glorantha does, of course.

It would be logically consistent to believe in either "objectivism" and no free will (essentially what the Theyalans believe), or "subjectivism" and (apparently) free-willed divine manifestations (I doubt anyone in Glorantha has such a belief, except maybe one or two of the Loonier Toons).

At least for some points along the scale of things those two words might mean.


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