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From: Sandy Petersen <>
Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 16:08:46 -0600

I remarked that I don't think Lanbril is so much a "cult" as a criminal network.

Erik Nolander responds
>What you're saying here pretty much dismisses most of the RQ2 cult
write-up, and GoG as well, IMHO.

        Well, duh. I think the Lanbril cult write-up was ludicrous. It was way too well-organized and stank of modern hack'n'slash tripe. I simply cannot believe that there would be a huge canny cult of thieves worshiped in Orlanthi lands.

        I do _not_ believe that it dismisses the GoG writeup. I believe in thief cults in Glorantha. I just don't think they are these vast organizations. And most don't have a specific deity as their founder, but are really more of a secular society. Look at Black Fang. What does he actually offer his "cult" members? Two Rune spells. That puts him barely a leg up on your average temporary spirit cult which, by the way, are also accessible to his shaman-priests.

>So, the Pavic Lanbrili doesn't worship Lanbril at all?

        I don't believe there are more than the tiniest handful of Lanbril worshipers in Pavis. Why would there be? There's not that much wealth available. The place is an armed camp, not only Lunar soldiers, but well-armed adventurers who don't take kindly to theft. If you get found out, you can't flee to another city. Black Fang is around as a potentially dangerous rivals. A second-storey man just isn't going to get anywhere.

        Pavis is a good haven for robbers, bandits, and murderers, _not_ thieves.

Robert McArthur
In 1620,
>1. almost any Storm Kahn at the Block knows when the Thanatar HHD is.

        False. But they know where to find out.

>2. almost any Wind Lord in Boldhome knows when the Thanatar HHD is.

        False. Most Wind Lords have never heard of Thanatar.

>3. almost any Storm Kahn at the Block knows when the Thed HHD is.


>4. almost any Wind Lord in Boldhome knows when the Thed HHD is.

        False. But they know where to find out.

Jonathan Coxhead
>the Sun Dome is a hemisphere that encloses Glorantha. So the radius is
half the diagonal of the lozenge.

        Absolutely false. The Lozenge floats on top of the Cosmic Ocean. _After_ you get to the edge of the land, you have to sail across the sea to get to the Sun Dome, and the sea's edge is very very far away. Glorantha is actually a pretty big place.

        OK, get out your Glorantha world map. The area you see on this map is the Inner World, where mortals live. To the North is Altinela, a huge land bigger than the whole Inner World portion of Genertela. To the South is the Nargan Desert, beyond which are the Enmal Mountains, to the south of which is the Boiling Swamp which goes on and on and on ... to the Burning Sea. To the East is the huge continent of Vithela, one tiny peninsula of which is visible on the map. To the West is a fourth continent of Luathela.

        Basically, the outlying regions of Glorantha (all part of the Lozenge) extend in each direction an additional distance at _least_ as far as the White Sea to the Nargan. So the Lozenge is a minimum distance across of three times as big as the Inner World. In conversations with Greg, we've determined that the Cosmic Ocean is much bigger than the lozenge -- probably at least four times the diameter, and possibly 10-100 times the diameter. If we take the conservative estimates for both the lozenge and Cosmic Ocean, then the Sun Dome is 12 times the diameter of the Inner World. But it might be bigger. No one really knows how far the lands of the Altinae extend, and what mortal has been to the Enmal Mountains?

>Here are 2 other questions for those who enjoy these things ... Why is
the sky blue? Why is grass green?

        The sky is blue because the Sea Gods invaded it during the Storm Age and there is still water in the sky to this day. Look at Lorian the Sky River, and where do you think rain comes from? Of course, clouds help direct the rain (it mostly only rains from the sky in places that clouds gather in -- because the clouds show the sky where to drop its rain).

        Grass is green because green is the sacred color of the Earth Mother, and the grass goddess is her daughter.

>I wonder why she (Androgeus) isn't mentioned in _King_of_Sartar_
(except briefly), as she's obviously

        First off, you used incorrect grammar. You are supposed to alternate between the male & female pronouns when referring to Androgeus. But you used "she" twice in a row. Bad Jonathan.

        Second, he's not mentioned much in King of Sartar because her main important deeds during the Hero Wars and before (and after, assuming he survived) were not in Sartar or the Lunar Empire. There was plenty of action going on elsewhere in the world after all -- you have the Kingdom of War in Fronela, a multitude of East Isles conspiracies ranging from Vormain's expansion to the Waking Magicians, the Arbennan-Kresh war in Pamaltela, etc. etc.

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