From: Simon Hibbs <simonh_at_msi-uk.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 09:54:20 +0000

Simon Phipp :

>Pete Nash had some excellent views on the Sky and Glorantha in
>general. If more people took Glorantha as a place where the Gods
>exist and the Myths were real, then we would have fewer pointless
>arguments about the nature of things.

I agree that Pete's discourse on the physical structure of Glorantha was a fine thing and there were only a few points on which I disagree with him. I think that Glorantha is actualy much bigger than you might be lead to believe from the maps. I believe that Glorantha has a horizon and that it seems to work very much like the one on our world. Whether that's got anything to do with bendy light doesn't keep me awake at nights. Nick said somethign the other day about Farsee workign the way you woudl expect it to though - if you use a 50 points farsee and look south from Genertela, you probably can see people walking around on the beaches in Pamaltela.

Does that mean that I deny the reality of myth in Glorantha? Does it mean I deny the existence of the gods? Well, actualy that's another question entirely and it depends whether I've got my Malkioni head on at the time, but I don't see that it's got anything to do with horizons.

Simon H

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