Re: Sky Dome Matters

From: TTrotsky <>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 18:42:32 EST

Peter Metcalfe:

<< Why would they need to know things are different in other places? They can
determine that since the local noon is off-centre then there must be some place where the noon is in the exact centre (remember they would know the noon is at dawn in the far east and at dusk in the far west). From simple trig, they can find out the radius of the sky dome.>>

     Only if they know how far away the place is where noon is in the exact centre. Otherwise they only know the angle, and you need to know the length of at least one side to do trig.

  <<It is for this reason that I dislike the idea that an off-centre noon can be observed in the inner world.>>

     Funnily enough, its one of the reasons I like it; it demonstrates visibly that Glorantha is a world different than ours. And it isn't much off-centre if we accept Sandy's figure of a radius 12 times that of the Inner World. That equates to a change of only around a half hour from Magasta's Pool to the western or eastern edges of the Inner World. Enough to be interesting, but not so much as to cause major weirdness.  

 << And your point only holds _if_ there was a detectable solar parallax.>>

     Absolutely. As I've already said at least once.

<< I OTOH am arguing about whether _timezones_ could be detected (which
 is slightly different).>>

     I completely agree that timezones can't be detected short of longdistance  and near-instant teleportation or communication - as I have also already said.
Incidentally how (if at all) do you get time zones to work on a flat world?

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