Jason Takes a Flying Leap, Other Stuff...

From: Gary R Switzer <gswitzer_at_loop.com>
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 16:51:00 -0800

Peter Metcalph can't believe in:

>the silliness of Jason jumping of a cliff and swimming to a ship
>in armor...

Two answers; Jason is only wearing a leather corselet (spolas?) with some bronze bits, plus he chucks his shield and sword before jumping in, so the encumbrance penalty to his swim roll isn't too much, or, Jason is the Hero of the piece so, of course, he jumps off the cliff in armor and swims out to the ship. Heck, Onslaught would keep all his gear, plus Medea, and swim back to Athens...with an anvil on his chest. :)

In #486 Oliver Bernuetz does a P.G. Wodehouse on Yelmic myth. Please sir, I'd like another.

In #487 Sandy expands our world:

>If we take the conservative estimates for
>both the lozenge and Cosmic Ocean, then the Sun Dome is 12 times the
>diameter of the Inner World. But it might be bigger. No one really

This would pretty much make Dawn, Noon and Dusk look the same from everywhere in Genertela alright, but I don't know how the idea of Yelm's Chariot bursting from the Gates at something on the order of Mach 30 sounds. Real loud, I suppose. What's that line about the Dawn coming up like thunder?

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