Gloranthan Web-Ring?

Date: Thu, 26 Mar 1998 19:04:07 EST

I was wondering if there is any interest in creating a web-ring of Gloranthan sites. We already have Kim Englund's excellent links page, of course, so it could be that nobody sees a need to have a web-ring as well. Or perhaps everyone has bookmarked enough sites that they don't need a short-cut to them.

     Still, there's no harm in asking; if anyone has an interest in having their site placed on such a ring, then e-mail me with your URL and other details. If you have general comments, or think this is a lousy idea, then by all means e-mail the digest for a wider discussion of the merits or otherwise. If I get enough interest from enough good quality sites then I can draw up some draft guidelines and go about setting the thing up.

     The only requirement I see for membership of the ring would be that your site contain a sufficient amount of Gloranthan material; RQ material for other game settings would not be appropriate. If anyone can supply a cool graphic to use as the web-ring logo, or has an idea for a nifty name for it, then please contact me with details. Otherwise you'll have to make do with a set of runes and the words 'Arachne Solara's Gloranthan Web', or something like that.

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