Magic items

Date: Fri, 27 Mar 98 15:55:04 +0000

'useless' magic item ideas

Philip Hibbs requests ideas for magic items that aren't particularly useful.

A 'chess' (or whatever) set that plays itself.

A little glass vial full of ... ink. Not magical, but should keep the average player busy for a while (I bet my lot would cautiously taste it, spread it on their swords etc.). Better still a vial of very hot chilli powder.

Multi-coloured little pebbles that give off a faint glow, the colours change every day.

A small pot that gives +5% to cook skill, if rabbit is an ingredient.

A bundle of wooden twigs which when brewed turns water into fantastical colours. If used as a dye, washes off in water.

Small pebbles that when thrown do not fly true but follow erratic paths.

A rope that cannot be knotted, but will always untangle itself (good for escapologists though).

Bones if used to play drums give the user +5% to their drum skill.

A needle that threads itself.

A wide brimmed leather hat that can never be blown or knocked off.

A feather that if held causes an uncontrollable and thunderous sneeze. Useful for catching thieves though.

A (distinctive) coin which every so often vanishes and turns up again after a while.

Stephen Lucek.

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