Re: Sog; Rhino and High Llama

From: Nick Brooke <>
Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 05:52:13 -0500

Jeff Erwin asks:

> What relationship does [Sog's Ruins] have (if any) to Sog in
> Fronela? Is it an old Jrusteli colony?

Sog is a gigantic water-elemental the Waertagi used to carry their Cityships in to dock (cf. Wyrms Footprints p.45). My guess is that Sog's Ruins is another of those ancient ruined Waertagi docksites, its toppled spars reaching up out of the marsh like great stone fingers, its green stone quays overgrown by the vegetation of a thousand years...

Gosh, Laurent goes on a bit, doesn't he? He's so *cute* when he's angry!

Joe Smith asks:

> Can anyone point me to a document that has RQ III stats for Praxian
> riding animals? Specifically interested in Rhino and High Llama.

The RQ3 "Gloranthan Bestiary" has High Llamas (called "Alticamelus" for obscure scholastic reasons) but not Rhinos: it only did the main tribes' riding beasts. For others, including the Rhino, Bolo Lizard, Ostrich and Zebra, get the recent second Book of Drastic Resolutions: "Volume Prax", which has all of the minor tribes' animals and much more besides. It's a wonderful resource for any Praxian game. Check the Tales web page for Megacorp ordering info:


Anyone know if the Irish band "The High Llamas" has an RQ connection?


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