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Date: Tue, 31 Mar 1998 16:45:26 -0500

Thanks for responding, Peter,

> The Solar influence is strongest in Lakrene. The other peoples
> of Talastar (such as the Bilini) are traditional Orlanthi and are
> resistant to Lunar influences. They resemble your conservative
> Far Point tribe.

Yep, this sounds true enough, for Lakrene anyway. I am still attempting to understand the friction that can occur between the two very similar groups in Riskland proper (Exiles and Locals). You are not likely to find more serious hostility than two very similar religious groups debating the fine points of their faith! David Dunham's East Ralios Orlanthi seem different enough to start me wondering...

> Harrek the Berserk is a Wolf Pirate.

And a former Bear tribesman, I belive. Certainly he wears a Bear-god's skin. Still, he seemed a little *too* obvious to me. Plus, I have a hard time seeing his arrival as an "awakening" or the start of Dorastor's "rebirth". In short, it doesn't seem quit mythical enough for my taste. Of course I have no alternative hypothesis...

>>3) How about the Hero Wars future history?

> Described in Lords of Terror on page 11. A tragic doom that bought
> tears to my eyes.

That tragic doom occurs in a scant decade, as best I can reconstruct the timeline. I am more interested in the more distant future, since I am running PenDragon Pass and hope to get more than one decade in before the game ends. At the end of Bilini Saga, a large chunk (though not all) of the Bilini follow Oddi to their doom, with both Oddi and Ralzakark dead in the end.

Seems to me the Lunars have the upper hand at this point. No more organized broo Kingdom, and the troublesome Bilini are crippled to boot! As the Empire becomes more distracted by events in Dragon Pass, however, the Seven Tribes have a chance to recover. It is what may happen at this point that I am fuzzy on, and I can't find any references that help.

>>What about Charg?

> This will mainly impact on Carmania.

Possibly. A recently freed Orlanthi region could have some impact. Brolia has had indirect tributary relations with Talastar (who passed part of the loot on to the Lakrene) in the past. A weakened Talastar under pressure from the Lunar Empire might seek allies from Charg, perhaps offering mercenaries vs Carmenia. Anything to draw attention away from themselves for a while...

Thanks again for the input!

K.Paul McDonald

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