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From: Black, Dave <>
Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:23:11 -0500

Hi everyone,

During Greg's recent chat on AOL I floated the idea that Issaries/Chaosium ought to consider providing Gamemastering services for a fee to help support gaming in Glorantha. I suggested that such a service could work by postal mail, internet email, or chat and that it could offer a seamless service so that players could rely on prospect of playing the same character for years to come without having a break in play and without a break in the storyline (unless of course their character meets an unpleasant end through game play).

Whether Greg pursues this notion or not I would like to know what sort of reaction this provokes from you - the members of the Glorantha Digest. Therefor, I am asking for each person receiving this message to respond to the short survey which follows. Please send the responses to and I will collect and post the results to the web in a few days.

Thanks everyone!


GENERAL INFORMATION (OPTIONAL - Feel free to fill out none, some, or all of these items)

Age (eg. teen, young adult, middle aged, senior): Status (eg. Married, single etc.)
Location (eg. N. America, Europe, etc.): Years playing in Glorantha:

SURVEY QUESTIONS (Please fill out all of the following)

  1. How often do you think you would like to play in such a service assuming their was no fee?
  2. Since there would in fact be a fee how often do you think you would be willing/able to play?
  3. What would you consider to be a fair amount for one hour of Gamemastering service (expressed in your local currency)?
  4. What would you consider to be a fair amount for one page of narrative describing events resulting from instructions you had previously sent in for processing (for email and postal situations)? Let's say one page is 700 words. If you want to see an example of the kind of thing I'm thinking about check out where there is a sample of what I used to do for my old postal/email game called Xarian Adventures. Again, express this in your local unit of currency.
  5. All things considered (free time, spare money, desire to play, etc) do you think you would participate in such a service?

Send completed survey to:

Thanks again!

PS. Xarian Adventures is still running by the way. Contact for more info.

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