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From: Sandy Petersen <>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 1998 18:27:47 -0500

Richard Develyn
>Eiritha Hills as:
>a) thought to cover the sleeping body of Eiritha herself,
>b) definately needing an experienced guide to get through them,
>c) populated by all sorts of strange creatures.

        The hills are not impassable mountains, but simply rough desert country. None of the mountains are high enough to even be snowcapped. Some of the bigger peaks might qualify as "mountains" in England, I suppose.

  1. The hills are definitely thought to cover the sleeping body of Eiritha herself. Just look at the map, and it's quite obvious.
  2. If you're new to the area, a good guide is useful to get through them, but this is just because the broken ground can be confusing. Remember that a Praxian is used to very flat countryside, and inability to see 50 miles in every direction can be disconcerting to them. On the other hand, Praxians who spend much time in Prax proper know the Eiritha hills very well indeed. For outsiders the hills can be hard to navigate through because they extend for many many miles.
  3. the "strange creatures" are especially strange if you're not native to Prax. Things like morocanth, intelligent baboons, newtlings, zebras, etc. But to be fair there are some unusual creatures here even for Praxians, because the hills make up a slightly different ecozone than the plains surrounding them. The jackrabbits are a different color, for instance. And there are some oddball critters found here because of proximity to the Paps and various Hero Wars sites that are not found elsewhere.

Nicholas Davison
>I'm aware that magic crystals are petrified gods blood.
>However are there some areas of Glorantha where they are rarer than

        Sure. this stands to reason because there are places where these crystals are more common (such as the Hill of Gold).

>Would there be an even distributrion?

        It seems most improbable.

>In particular is there a difference between Genertela and Pamaltela?

        The difference between Genertela & Pamaltela is mostly one of _type_ of crystal, not _number_. Pamaltela simply has different kinds of powered crystals than does Genertela. Of course, unpowered crystals are much the same everywhere in the world.

        Despite the stereotype, there were plenty of gods killed and wounded all throughout Pamaltela, and there is godsblood spattered everywhere. More gods seem to have survived in Pamaltela, so there might be a somewhat higher proportion of powered to unpowered crystals.

Some unusual Pamaltelan powered crystals

  1. the Blue Festoon: usually 1-8 points. Quite glassy and transparent. When the user's MPs reach 0, he immediately receives a number of extra MPs equal to the crystal's power, at the cost of an equal number of hit points. Supposedly derived from blood issuing from Artmal's knee.
  2. the Spearpoint: usually 2-5 points. Black obsidian rock, usually not spearhead-shaped. Adds triple its value to the user's POW for purposes of MP regeneration only. Thus, a user with a POW of 12 and a 3-pt crystal would regain 21 MPs per 24-hour period, up to a maximum of 12. Supposedly a fragment of one of Vangono's many broken spears.
  3. the Little Oasis: usually 1-10 points. Blue or green translucent stone with rounded smooth edges. When activated by spending an MP, water drips from the crystal; 1/10 of a liter per point in the crystal. Some say it is blood of Keraun. Others claim it was originally a weapon, used by the foes of the original humans.
  4. the Fruitstone: nominally 4 points (for attunement only). Reddish-pink opaque crystal normally almost perfectly spherical. To use, touch to a piece of fruit and spend 4 MPs. From then on, when the Fruitstone is touched to another piece of fruit, and 1 MP is spent, that second piece takes on the flavor of the first. Only the flavor is transferred, and no medicinal or health properties. It can be "re-tuned" by spending another 4 MPs all at once while touching another target fruit. From Faranar.
  5. the Magic Egg: nominally 4 points (for attunement only). Irregular brown rock, quite ordinary-looking. When attuned, the user selects what kind of powered crystal he wishes the Magic Egg to behave as. It then asks as a 1-point crystal of that type (whether Power Enhancing, Healing Focussing, etc.). It can be re-set to a new target crystal simply by de-attuning and re-attuning it. It cannot act as a kind of crystal that has a minimum value higher than 1 (such as a Fruitstone). Supposedly more powerful Magic Eggs exist that are harder to attune, but act as 2+ points. From Cronisper.
  6. the Shaman Eye: nominally 8 points (for attunement only). Lens-shaped and grayly-transparent. When peered through, the user can see spirits.

Paul McDonald
Future History: last paragraph
>"The results of the assault on the Lunar Empire are not known, for
there is no record in the Lunar annals of any such >invasion. All that is known is that Oddi led his entire tribe to a tragic end. He survived, this time without even Ketil, and >returned to Bilini and Dorastor. There he proved his heroic worth by meting out the Final Death to Ralzakark with >Ironbreaker, though it cost Oddi his life and the sword."

        Ah. Well, this isn't Paulis's tale. If this story is true, the individual killed by Oddi was probably the unicorn-headed Ralzakark of Demon Plateau. For whatever that's worth.

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