Scritha Valley

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Date: Tue, 7 Apr 1998 23:07:45 +1200 (NZST)

Sergio Mascarenhas:

>1. The oasis people: religion; mores; population in the Scritha region;
>economic activities.

>2. The Scritha region in general.

>3. The towns of Indagos and Far End in special.

The Native Farmers of the Scritha are your average ignorant peasants and are described in RoC p23. Even Brolian savages would feel more sophisticated compared to them.         

Going by the generic town description in Pavis: City Guide, Indagos would have a population of 400-500, most of whom are farmers but with a small smattering of craftsmen and Sir Indagos's mercenaries. It's walled with stone and the buildings are adobe mudbrick. It contains a temple to Ernalda and Zola Fel as well as several spirit shrines. Indagos has weekly markets in which the local valley peddlars show up. The crafters in the town are thatchers, brickmakers, potters, coopers, carpenters and redsmiths.

Far End is a fort and as such would be occupied by Lunar troops. It specifically is said (in P:CG) not to have a river temple.

I estimate the population of the scritha valley to contain two or three thousand people. The main produce would be food which would be sold at Pavis.

>2. I also need information on the Indagos family: where are their
>dwellings in the Big Rubble? Are they in the Real City?

I don't think they have any. Their influence lies in the fact they hold land outside Pavis and so the description of them as a 'Pavis Rubble family' looks like a mistake.

>Is the
>Daughter of Pavis Bendrath connected with the Indagos family?

If he needs to be for campaign purposes, yes.

End of The Glorantha Digest V5 #524

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