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Date: Sun, 12 Apr 1998 14:01:57 +0100

> Sergio "were-duck" Mascarenhas wrote

> > I assumed that the people in Sartar used mainly wood for construction. But,
> > while reading RoC, I stopped at this: "Knowing much about stonemasonry,
> > though not as much as Flintnail, Sartar migrants used the material
> > frequently for public and private structures."
> My belief is that, within Sartar, it's a matter of wealth. Wood is
> plentiful, and I'm sure it's easier to haul some big logs than a whole lot
> of stones. But stone has its advantages, so you use it if you can afford it.
> In Pavis County, wood is quite scarce. Mud bricks are probably quite easy
> to make, but not very satisfactory (I doubt there's enough fuel to fire
> them). Again, stone is the superior, if more expensive, construction
> material.

It is worth making the oft-cited comparison between the Zola Fel and the Nile. Ecologically speaking this provides a thin belt of lush, if somewhat stunted vegetation and thus enough fuel for fired mud-brick construction which is still the staple of rural construction in Egypt today, especially since the Ministry of Antiquities has stopped them nicking stone from monuments.
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