Argrath & Telmori

From: Thomas Gottschall <>
Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 12:33:30 +0200

Hi everyone,

thanks for the mass of answers to my question.

Peter Metcalfe :

> Because Argrath is not really King of Sartar (having cheated on
> his crown test)?
> Because Argrath has some hidden grudge against the Telmori and
> persecutes them unjustly?

If so, how is it no one else cares ? Are the Telmori so hated that everyone wants them dead regardless how and by whom ?

Jane Williams :

> I've got a few ideas, which I believe Thomas at least has read.

That's right and I liked them.

> After all that [Kallyr's death in 1630], possibly the Telmori didn't
> think Argrath counted as a True King?

But the Telmori attack Agrath already in 1628 (according to Stephen Martins 'A Timeline of Third Age Dragon Pass') two years before Kallyr is killed. Is already here that Kallyr and Agrath are foes ?

David Dunham :

> An obvious answer is that his legitimacy is not quite so clear as it
> seems
> once he's won (and gets to write the histories).

Then again, why doesn't anyone else care ? It can't be that they don't care who is sitting on their throne.

Tim Ellis :

> 2) The Sartarite tribes are not particularly sympathetic to their
> werewolf brothers, whilst the Lunar way is famously open to all - The
> Lunars may have managed to persuade the Telmori they had a better
> future
> by embracing the red moon.

Somehow I can't believe the Telmori willing to embrace the moon after the Hon-eel incident and Jomes Wolf in 1607.

Is it possible that Argrath blames the Telmori for all the bad things which happened to Sartar (much like Hitler with the Jews) and that he can "convince" the tribes to exterminate them. In doing so he unites them. Until now this is my pet theory.

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