ghosts and praxians

From: David Cake <>
Date: Wed, 22 Apr 1998 10:53:04 +0800

>here is no reason why the Golden
>Age Praxians (who definitely were not related to the Beast Riders)

        I thought some of the minor tribes (particularly the Bolo lizard folk) where related to the Golden Age Praxians. Actually, I can't think of a source that says the Golden Age Praxians and the Beast Riders aren't related, just that they aren't the same.

>While thinking over an idea for an adventure, I came to the
>suggestion, that the Spiritplane as described in the rulebook is
>rather boring. What if the ghosts and spirits have an society in the
>spiritplane. There are stronger ghosts and weaker ghosts, why
>shouldn't the stronger ghosts conquer the weaker ghosts.

        Just ignore the description of the spiritplane as grey and featureless. That might possibly be what it looks like to a sorcerer using Mystic Vision (if you are of the persuasion that doesn't like sorcerers) but I'm sure to shamans it looks much more interesting.

        In fact the frontier region looks just like the real world only you see the magical spirits of things rather than the reality - ie you see the tree spirits conversing, the wind spirits playing in the sky, etc. The inner region look like heroquest country, with various great landmarks representing important spiritual aspects of the area. And by the out regions you are close to the God plane, and can see things like the Courts of Silence.

        The reason the stronger ghosts don't conquer the weaker ghosts is that the stronger ghosts are by no means the strongest inhabitants. Besides, most ghosts stay close the region where they died, continueing to follow their obsessions in life - otherwise they would be just spirits of the dead rather than ghosts. So most ghosts are busy, say, continually re-enacting the battle they died in, or following around the big spirit that killed them and wailing, or similar pointless activities.

>If we follow
>this idea, we can create a whole new Spiritplane, like the Umbra in
>White Wolfs Werewolf.

        The mention of ghosts reminds me more of the Shadowlands than the Umbra (not quite the same thing) which I definately do not want to replicate in RuneQuest.



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