Telmori hatred

From: Jane Williams <>
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 1998 19:36:26 +0000

Just had a thought about why Garrath might dislike the Telmori even more than most Sartarites. Remember the story of his ancestors the Karandoli, and how they were chased out of their home? The trick that took their King, Ortossi, away from them was the appearance of a blue wolf which he was convinced to chase, since it had been haunting his dreams. Very mysterious, and smells of a fix to me.

So who had arranged for this wolf? Well, right at the start of his reign (1479), Ortossi had been approached by Sartar, who wanted to build a city. Ortossi refused to help. Sartar muttered about disaster in the seventh generation and retreated. In 1480 he made peace with the Telmori, and eventually built enough cities to become Prince. Then in 1490 Sartar goes hunting with Ortossi, and Venharl of the Jenstali (same clan whose last lot of enemies Sartar had turned into termites). Venharl finds them a wolf to hunt, and encourages Ortossi to vanish after it. Venharl then becomes King of the Colymar, and promptly "led the tribe to join the kngdom of Sartar".

Now, if that doesn't sound to you like an arrangement between Sartar and Venharl, with help from Sartar's new Telmori friends, you've got a much less suspicious mind than I have.

To be fair to Sartar, he does seem to have helped the Karandoli find a new home outside the walls of Pavis. But that's hardly compensation.  

Oh, and that "seven generations" bit?
1 Ortossi
2 Orendal
3 Gordangar
4 Dangmar
5 Randalyar
6 Venharl
7 Argrath

Perhaps this also makes sense of some of Garrath's other actions. He'd want revenge on the House of Sartar as much as on the Telmori. So he takes control of the kingdom, and does a far more thorough job of wrecking it than the Lunars could ever have done.

Jane Williams

End of The Glorantha Digest V5 #548

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