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Thespians and wargamers duke it out.........

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Personally, I'm more of a wargamer than an actor, even though the muse occasionally strikes me (and tells me to cut it out...) As a firm believer in the "there are no absolutes" school of philosophy, I get motivated to write something when I read statements like, "I refuse to be dictated to by the dice". Last time I checked, this has never been a stated requirement in the rules. I also get a little upset when I hear people recommend that someone should switch to playing CCG's (or, gulp, D&D) because they aren't [insert condescending adjective] enough to deal with the epic storytelling potential of Glorantha that is only truly experienced when one surrenders to the rich thematic plots so eloquently expressed without the shackles of dice.

Moving swiftly along to the Gods who walk the world...

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The big Chaos pumpkin in Dorastor is the Hungry Eater; a derivative of the legendary Hungry Jack killed by Sir Ethilrist and Keener Than. These powerful beings, like Cacodemon aren't really gods, so they aren't breaking the compromise. The great compromise wasn't intended to make the gods all sit in a room and wait for someone to pray to them.

Lastly, if anyone is looking to pick up a copy of: Cults of Prax, Plunder, the Gateway Bestiary, any of the Soloquests, RQ2 Apple Lane, or RQ2 Sankepipe hollow, send me an email.

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