Re: Resurrection

From: Simon Hibbs <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 16:38:35 +0100

Robert McArthur says :

>What you have also not considered is acolytes (if they are in your

They do, as a player convenience, but I consider them to be religious functionaries, icluded in the 2% of population. After all they have to spent 50% of their time working for the cult.

>Even with some *great* extension, the priestess can simply wait for the
>to wear off! And if the allied spirit is *really* trying to stop the
>priestess, if I were a priestess I'd either get another member of the
cult to
>calm it down, or leave the bugger dead!

  1. CA casts resurrection.
  2. Ghost casts spirit block 2.

Ressurection is a divine spell too, so it's only going to last as long as the spirit block (I don't have the spell description to hand, but I presume the CA has the usual 15 minutes to complete the spirit combat). The CA will have to cast it again, or spend 3 days gettign it back - in which case the resuurrectee has lost tons of stat points.

If the ghost has spirit screen, it can just cast it again 5 minutes later - ok so it costs it 3 times as many magic points to cover the duration of the resurrection spell, but maybe the ghost's got an allied spirit?

If resurrection is an instant spell then the CA would have to abort and re-cast if she wanted to avoid facing the protective magic.

It's still possible, but requires the casting of supportive magic to help out the healer, and there is always a risk.

Simon Hibbs

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