Pharaonic Despotism

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 21:55:33 +1200 (NZST)

Joerg Baumgartner:

On Arkat's Command.

>One thing which is different is that the Kitori tribe (of trolls, at least)
>seems to have continued to lord over humans. They, or any other local troll
>group in charge of collecting (and using up?) the tribute would have
>mustered against a breach of this privilege, I suppose. And may have won.

The Kitori do not lord it over humans, they have a mutual relationship with a human tribe. I should point out that the Kitori were enemies of the OOO as they supported the God Project (as per Lords of Terror). So I strongly doubt that they were beneficiaries of Arkat's Command.

>>I think instead the division of Dragon Pass was 50:50 between the OOO
>>and Dagori Inkarth.

>Holay was Dagori Inkarth/Elder Wilds territory, and Heortling country.

I'm not talking about Holay., I'm talking about Dragon Pass. The OOO would have had collected Arkat's Command from the southern half of Dragon Pass at least.

>IMO the OOO ruled over the Hendriki who, as supporters of Arkat, would
>have had a better deal.

All Heortlings (Hendrieki included) fought against Nysalor. For their pains, they are made subjects of the trolls and have to pay a loathsome tax. Somehow I think Arkat has acted true to his nature and shafted his human supporters.

>Especially given that their lordship over their lands was
>reconstituted at the same time as the OOO was reinstituted as lord over
>Kethaela (essentially Shadow Plateau, Esrolia and Caladraland, the Isles
>having been outside of his direct rule before, and Hendrikiland had been
>practically empty except for the Pelaskite fisherfolk along the shores and
>river mouths) in more than name.

But the Hendreiki were never originally subjects of the OOO. They took over their land when the OOO was facing extinction as a result of the losses at the Battle of Night and Day and the Trollkin Curse. So Arkat has subjugated a previously free people and made them helots to the OOO. Nice one, Arkat!

>When I said "read Geolgin Askarios" I meant read the intentions with which
>he invertigated the troll cults, not "read his bio", although that holds the
>interesting bit "He believed that life in the Shadowlands was th ebest
>possible life, that rule by darkness was inevitable and benevolent, and that
>rule by trolls could contain no treachery and was the result of natural
>order, and therefore inevitable."

One Hegelian Quisling does not a benevolent regime make. Geolgin is quite unusual as he comes from the _Stygian_ Temple of Lhankor Mhy. One is given a vision of Lhankor Mhy Sages dressed in black, with a few scrolls short of a shelf, trying to develop their darksense by wearing blindfolds...

>True. Neither mention of brutal oppression by the OOO, but the opposite. Of
>course Geolgin wrote propaganda (every contemporary historian aka chronist
>does), but was that pure propaganda?

For one who claimed that rule by trolls is benevolent and contained no treachery, I certainly think so.

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