Kudos and Eurmal Scapegoat

From: Erik Sieurin <BV9521_at_bhs.utb.hb.se>
Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 17:50:34 +0100

Brian T. Tickler:
> The difference between dice-rolling campaigns and
> "conversations" is that where dice-rolling tends to encourage abuse by
> power gamers and rules lawyers, diceless gaming tends to encourage abuse=

> by bombastic loudmouths and social bulldozers.
Thanks! Finally someone who agrees with me... Couldn't have put it in a better way myself...

Eurmal the Scapegoat:
Scapegoat is one of Eurmal's titles, but it struck me and it has struck me before that there are no myths/stories AFAIK in which Eurmal is the scapegoat - when Eurmal gets his ass fried for something in the stories, he is usually extremely guilty of what he is charged with.

So, where are the scapegoat stories, rituals and social practices of the Orlanthi? Anyone who has cooked up any ideas?

Erik Sieurin, who actually saw a little kid with a propeller beanie today. They really do exist! I thought they only did in silly cartoons. Oh my God, have I uncovered one of the Forbidden Secrets? Will the MIB drag me away or treat me to psionic lobotomy? Help!

End of The Glorantha Digest V5 #568

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